ASI Steel Innovation Portal

ASI Steel Innovation Portal

The steel supply chain is demonstrably in a time of transition. Numerous reports, both local and international, have underscored the importance of flexibility, innovation, collaboration and communication to the future veracity and vibrancy of steel manufacturing specifically and the steel supply chain in general. Given the external pressures, the ability for the local steel supply chain to work together efficiently is paramount.

The ‘ASI Steel Innovation Portal’ directly addresses the aspects of promoting innovation, collaboration and communication. The use of this web-based tool by the industry supports greater flexibility, productivity, and efficiency in the local steel supply chain.

The ASI views a progressive and innovative steel industry as one best prepared to survive the domestic challenges we face and thrive on an international stage.

The project commenced as an initial collaboration between ASI and the Steel Research Hub at the University of Wollongong to both support both innovation in steel related research in Australia and make that research transparent and readily accessible to those with an interest in either commercialising the research or finding suitable partners to develop new or related research for practical application. The project has created a web-based platform for compilation of research project details and researcher details connected to Australian research institutions, both public and private. Via a self-service mechanism, appropriate members of a research institution are able to enter approved project and researcher details. These are displayed in a standardised format on the web portal, allowing users to keyword search both project and researcher details and connect projects to researchers and vice versa. The Steel Innovation Portal is free for research institutions to input project and researcher details and free for our stakeholder community to use the powerful functionality on the portal to investigate steel innovation in Australia.

October 2017 to present

Seed funding from University of Wollongong Steel Research Hub. Ongoing funding by ASI and selected sponsorship.

The ASI ‘Steel Innovation Portal’ is a central web-based ‘library of innovation capital’ principally associated with innovative steel-related research and development in Australia. The Steel Innovation Portal: • Allows universities, research organisations and manufacturers to post structured details of the research projects being undertaking in a format that is standardized and egalitarian across the range of projects and institutions involved. • Allows posting of researcher bio’s in a structured format, with linkages to the relevant research projects. • Allows searching and data mining by the local and international community on the range of projects and researchers in the portal. • Facilitates connectivity and communication between industry and the organisations/researchers involved, both locally and internationally. • Allows easy updating and editing of details to ensure information currency. • Supports matching of innovation ideas to research capability. • Facilitates international communication and collaboration between stakeholders on steel related innovation.

The project is expected to become an invaluable resource connecting research to commercialisation and also facilitating the identification by industry of appropriate researcher resources to partner in developing innovative steel related ideas, a demonstrative and positive implementation of the ‘Ideas Boom’ promoted by the Australian Government.

Australian Steel Institute



Principal Lead

Dr Peter Key

Dr Peter Key

Peter is National Technical Development Manager for Australian Steel Institute (ASI). His academic achievements include a Bachelor of Engineering from The University of Sydney with 1st Class Honours and University Medal (prox acc). Postgraduate qualifications include a Doctor of Philosophy from The University of Sydney. Peter is a Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia and he has worked for more than 20 years in the design and construct arena, specialising in large span steel structures. He sits on numerous steel related Standards committees and is a member of the EA Civil and Structures panel in Sydney.
Peter is author of a range of technical publications for ASI, including the Structural Steelwork Fabrication and Erection Code of Practice, design of hollow section connections and updates to design capacity tables.
Recent initiatives that Peter has been involved in include drafting lead for the new AS/NZS 5131 ‘Structural steelwork – fabrication and erection’, drafting of the new ASI ‘National Structural Steelwork Specification’ and development and implementation of the ASI ‘National Structural Steelwork Compliance Scheme’. Peter also managed publication of the recent ‘Practical Guide to planning the safe erection of steel structures’ in partnership with Multiplex.